Seattle: Let's Win The Era!

Why Pete?


Pete believes freedom must address all dimensions of life, including political, economic, and social freedom. You are not free if you have to choose between financial survival or health care. You are not free if you cannot make your own decisions about your health nor who you love. You cannot pursue happiness if you don’t have access to safe infrastructure or clean water.


Security is more than just a wall, our nation is facing an existential threat from climate change that we must address now. Security means having a foreign policy that places American interests above personal political interests. Security means having common-sense gun laws, protecting our veterans, and ensuring every American family has access to safe, affordable housing.


Too many communities have been denied their voice in our polical process. We must ensure that every eligible voter has a voice, that dollars don’t drown out the voice of the people, and that politicians can’t draw maps in order to choose their own voters.

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